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2021 Tuition Increase Overview

The Art of Education University is increasing tuition, effective July 1, 2021. Students can register for courses up to a year in advance to lock in the current tuition rate.

Effective July 1, tuition is changing as follows. 

$399/credit for 500-level courses

  • 2-credit course = $798
  • 3-credit course = $1197

$449/credit for 600-level courses

  • 3-credit course = $1347
  • 6-credit course = $2694

Total cost of the Master of Arts in Art Education

  • $14,814 (tuition)
  • $15,064 (tuition + fees)

Our last tuition increase was in April 2018. Since then, we have implemented strategic improvements and enhancements to provide a rigorous, relevant, engaging student experience. 

  • Achieved institutional accreditation and launched a master’s degree program
  • Hired 57 qualified faculty who are certified art educators with experience in the field
  • Released 10 graduate-level courses (and we have 5 more coming in 2021!)
  • Transitioned to a new LMS with expanded offerings for faculty feedback
  • Increased student services: expansion of library services, 1:1 research support, new student orientation, and writing center (coming May 2021)
  • Expanded library services access through EBSCOHost and ERIC
  • Degree-seeking student-specific offerings: Slack for AOEU students, biannual graduation ceremonies, complementary PRO Learning, and a private educational loan option

We are still committed to providing you with the same individualized attention and AOEU experience. We promise to uphold our quick response time, transparent communication, one-on-one attention from your academic advisor, amazing faculty that help you learn and grow, and the world’s largest art teacher PLC with art teachers worldwide. 

Information from the field

Many other comparable master's degrees in art education are $8-15k more than AOEU. On average, college tuition increases about 8% each year. We are dedicated to providing an affordable and accessible option for art teachers to earn a relevant and engaging master’s degree, which is why we’ve decided to increase tuition by approximately 12% in the past three years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase courses in advance at the old tuition cost? 

Yes. The tuition change goes into effect on July 1, 2021. Before then, you can purchase 500-level courses up to one year in advance. The Transfer, Withdrawal, and Tuition Reimbursement policy applies. 

Are you going to increase tuition every year? 

The last time we increased tuition was April 2018. We believe it is essential to provide an affordable master’s degree and graduate course option for art teachers by art teachers. We will always provide advanced notice and transparency when we increase tuition. 

That said, we don’t know when the subsequent tuition increase will occur. However, compared to other universities, AOEU is still one of the most affordable online Master of Arts in Art Education programs. 

My school reimburses me, but they won’t pay for this much. What should I do? 

Usually, schools have a predetermined budget for tuition reimbursement. It’s usually a certain amount per graduate credit or school year. Be sure to review your contract or talk to your HR department to determine what they offer. 

If they don’t cover the course’s total cost, you may have to pay for part out of pocket. 

Don’t be discouraged. If you’re working toward salary advancement, many students find that their investment pays for itself in a year or two. Learn how to make the most of salary advancement here

My school approved this degree at the old tuition cost. What should I do? 

Most schools have a determined amount for tuition reimbursement. If you need to adjust the amount of tuition reimbursement you receive, you’ll have to work with your school’s HR department. Starting July 1, you’ll be able to download the new Graduate Catalog that has all of the latest tuition information. Here’s the link: https://theartofeducation.edu/academic-catalog-archive/.

I use Climb Credit. Are my prices locked in? How do I borrow more money? 

You can adjust your borrowing limit with Climb Credit. For more information on how to do that, please reach out to Climb’s student success team by email (hello@climbcredit.com), phone (888.510.0533), and instant chat on their website from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

If you'd have additional questions, please email us at help@theartofeducation.edu