About FLEX Curriculum

Learn more about FLEX Curriculum and answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.

About the FLEX Curriculum

Can I Share My FLEX Curriculum Subscription?

Can I Earn PD Hours With FLEX Curriculum?

Can I Bundle FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning?

How Does FLEX Curriculum Work in My District?

Can Administrators and Teachers Collaborate Within FLEX Curriculum?

Is the FLEX Curriculum Aligned with the NCAS?

About FLEX Curriculum

Practicing art teachers from around the world, each with various teaching experiences contributes to the creation of FLEX Curriculum in collaboration with The Art of Education University. This development model ensures that FLEX Curriculum fits the needs of all art teachers.

FLEX Curriculum is suitable for kindergarten through 12th-grade students, and it doesn’t pigeonhole lessons into specific grade levels. Instead, lessons are categorized as either beginner (geared toward K-5), intermediate (geared toward 6-8), or advanced (geared toward 9-12). Teachers are welcome and able to scale lessons up or down to meet the needs of their unique students. Furthermore, all lessons are aligned to the National Core Arts Standards and selected state standards.

FLEX Curriculum is a growing platform. New content (including lessons, resources, assessments, and videos) is released regularly.

FLEX Curriculum materials are exclusive to those who have paid for a subscription to the platform. With a subscription, teachers can download and use any materials and incorporate them into the LMS they currently use. Subscribers can also freely access the platform and videos at any time.

Can I share FLEX Curriculum with another teacher? 

No. All FLEX Curriculum subscriptions, PRO Learning subscriptions, and NOW Conference registrations are for individual teacher use. If a colleague wants to access FLEX, PRO, or NOW, they must have their own account linked to a subscription or registration. If a district purchases FLEX, PRO, or NOW for their art teachers, each teacher will have their own account and login to access the content.

For more information, please review the terms of use.

Can I earn PD hours with FLEX?

No. FLEX is a curriculum platform and does not provide PD hours. If PD hours are needed, see PRO Learning.

Can I bundle FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning?

Yes. FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning are the perfect complements to one another for professional art teachers.

How Does FLEX Work In My District?

The Art of Education University wants every school district that purchases FLEX Curriculum to be as successful as possible in implementing FLEX Curriculum. A dedicated school success manager will meet with the school district’s administration to understand their goals and build an implementation plan for the district. With usage reports, the visual arts team will be able to identify those who are using the program successfully and those who need more help. The school success team is always available to offer full-service support to the entire team.

Can Administrators and Teachers Collaborate Within FLEX Curriculum?

Yes! Administrators can create units and classes and share those with their entire district. The ability to share units and classes works well for common assessments, shared vocabulary lists, or common units to ensure continuity across the district.

Is the FLEX Curriculum Aligned with the NCAS?

FLEX allows teachers to discover standards through content. They can also search for standards of interest to find content that teaches those standards. Explore some examples of how to meet the National Core Arts Standards through the FLEX Curriculum platform. Download Now 


Have further questions? Email us at help@theartofeducation.edu.