Creating Classes and Units in FLEX

Learn how to easily create classes and units within the FLEX platform.

1. Log in to your AOEU account. Click here for instructions. 
2. Click on FLEX Curriculum.


3. Click “My Classes.” 


4. Click “Add a Class.”


5. Name your class and click “Add a Class” once complete. (Examples: Art 1,  8th Grade,  3rd Grade)


6. After you add the name, click on your new class.


7. Once you are inside your class, click “Add a Unit.


8. Name your unit and click “Add Unit” once complete. (Examples: Drawing, Ceramics, January)


9. Go to the “Lessons, Resources, Videos, and Assessments” tabs to start saving resources for your classes.


10. Click the blue “+” to add your resource to the Unit within your class. 


11. Scroll to find your class.


12. Select the appropriate unit within your class.


13. Click “Add” to save the resource to your unit.


14. Promoting horizontal and vertical alignment in your district is just one click away.

Video Tutorial:


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