Non-Art Teachers Taking AOEU Courses

Even if you're not an art teacher, you may find an AOEU course beneficial!

Even if you're not a teacher, you may find an individual AOEU course beneficial!

While our courses are developed with the practicing K-12 art teacher in mind, educators outside of the art room also find our classes valuable and rich in content! Your instructor can help you find ways to modify the material to meet your particular situation's unique needs.

Students who have no academic or experiential background in art and/or education may be required to take prerequisite coursework for admittance to the degree program. Tuition for these courses is in addition to the total cost of the degree program. The AOEU degree programs do not qualify students for initial licensure in any state.

If you enroll and discover the course is not for you, you have seven days from the start date to drop the course without penalty. 

Learn more in the Add/Drop, Withdrawal, and Tuition Refund Policy.