I'm unable to connect to Slack in the desktop app.

We'll walk through a few different options to get you back up and connected to your Slack team.

Check Slack's Status Page

It's always worth a quick peek at the status page. It's possible that Slack is experiencing an issue preventing some or all users from connecting. If this is the case, they'll provide insight into what is happening and what to expect.

Slack Status

Refresh Slack

The Slack desktop app is in many ways, a web app. For this reason, you may see a message telling you there was a 'Server error', or that 'something went wrong'.  

From Slack's 'View' menu, select 'Reload' or 'Force Reload'. You can also use the quick key command: ⌘R.

Clear Caches

Slack stores some temporary information about your conversation history as well as your credentials. This is great in that you can quit the app or restart your computer and not have to sign into Slack to keep using it. When that gets corrupted it can cause an issue connecting. You can clear Slack's caches

Changing your DNS settings.

In some cases, DNS may be causing an issue between you and Slack. This could happen if Slack internally makes some changes to their DNS. Most often, this would solve on its own though it may take up to 24 hours to do so. In the meantime, you can do something to solve it on your end.


In the following steps, we'll change your DNS settings to point to Google's servers. 

  1. Open System Preferences (from the  menu)
  2. Click on 'Network' (3rd row toward the left)
  3. Click 'Advanced' toward the lower right
  4. Click the 'DNS' tab
  5. Click on the small '+' icon under the left panel
    1. Add
    2. Add
  6. Then click 'OK'
  7. And finally, click 'Apply'