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International Student Information

We have many international students in our program already!

The Art of Education University welcomes international students to apply to the master's degree program. International students must meet all requirements outlined in the admissions policy.

Official Transcripts
An applicant who has completed secondary/university-level courses outside of the United States must have their transcripts evaluated for United States equivalency. Copies of the evaluations must be sent to AOEU directly from the evaluation agency. Refer to the admissions policy for details. 

English Language Proficiency
Online coursework at The Art of Education University requires graduate-level reading and writing. Applicants who are not fluent in English must upload documentation of passing English language proficiency scores at the time of enrollment. Refer to the admissions policy for score requirements, details, and exemptions.

If you'd have additional questions, please email us at help@theartofeducation.edu