Master of Arts in Art Education: Degree Application

What is required to apply to the Master of Arts in Art Education?

The application for the Master of Arts in Art Education at AOEU showcases your passion, professional competency, and commitment to the field. Through your application, provide reviewers a sense of your experience in art and education and your ability succeed in graduate coursework. 

The application has 5 required components:

  1. Application form 
  2. Micro-portfolio
  3. Writing sample
  4. Application fee ($50)
  5. Official transcripts

This article will walk you through the two you need to focus on - the micro-portfolio and writing sample.


Micro Portfolio

What is it? The micro-portfolio is a collection of 4 high-quality images and descriptions which showcase your work as an artist and/or educator. 

What do I need to do? Compile four images of your artwork into one document.  Consider your own personal artwork, student work, displays, classroom images, etc.
Write a brief description (3-4 sentences) under each image to explain each photo to application reviewers.

How do I submit?

 Submit your Micro-portfolio as one document (.pdf, .doc, .docx) in the application portal or email it directly to your admissions counselor. 

Help creating one document with multiple images and text:

Check out this simple “How To” tutorial. 


Helpful Tips

  • All photos should be clear, focused, and well-lit. Crop and edit as needed.
  • Consider sharing images that you would post on a professional social media account or public website. All images must be your own.
  • Use the caption to explain to an application reviewer what they are seeing, specifically your involvement.  What is this an image of? What’s going on behind the scenes? What was your process? Why did you include it? Proofread and spell-check the descriptions.
  • If you have more to share, include a supplemental link in the document!

Writing Sample

What is it? The writing sample is a 1-2 page reflection that answers the prompts and demonstrates graduate-level writing.

What do I need to do? Compose a writing sample that addresses the prompts.

What’s your “why”? Degree-seeking students must submit a 1-2 page writing sample that addresses these prompts. 

  1. Why is visual art a necessary part of student learning? 
  2. What is your motivation for pursing a master’s degree from The Art of Education university? 

Use professional grammar, spell-check your work, and include references or personal examples to illustrate your response. 

How do I submit?

Submit your writing sample as a .pdf, .doc, or .docx in the application portal or email it directly to your admissions counselor. 

Helpful Tips

  • Brainstorm your ideas first and organize them in an outline to ensure your writing is organized. Stay on topic.
  • Include examples from your classroom and/or personal life.  Tell your own story in art education. If you’d like, you can choose to reference credible resources (not required, but can enhance your writing).
  • Avoid abbreviations and casual language. Use a professional format.
  • Proofread your work! Spellcheck and edit your submission.  Have a friend or colleague read it over.

Official Transcripts

What are official transcripts? To be official transcripts, they must come directly from the issuing institution.  Physical paper copies are sealed.

Can I send transcripts to AOEU?

No. The institution you attended must send official transcripts for you.

Where do I send them?
There are two ways:

Electronically: Send transcripts directly to AOEU through Parchment exchange or request to have them sent to

Sending transcripts electronically is best to ensure they are received quickly.

Mail to Physical Address: 518 Main St. Suite A. Osage, IA 50461. Attn: Registrar

By mail usually takes about 4-6 weeks to receive and process. 

What if I have International Transcripts?

If you completed your coursework anywhere outside the United States, you must have transcripts evaluated for United States equivalency. Copies of the evaluations must be sent to AOEU directly from the evaluation agency. Foreign transcript evaluations are accepted from any agency that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( or the Association of International Credential Evaluators ( 

How can I follow up and ensure my transcripts have been received?

Sometimes, transcripts come to us under a former last name. Please email and include the following information:

  1. The name associated with your official transcripts 
  2. The university that sent them
  3. How they were sent: electronically or by mail 

We'll associate them to your student record as soon as possible.

Additional Help

For additional help read the Admissions Policy and Transfer Credit Policy found in the Graduate Catalog.

Your Admissions Counselor is here for you!
Contact an Admissions Counselor to set manageable goals, help you through the application process, and begin your higher education journey with AOEU.