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Viewing and Understanding Your Grades

Follow the steps below to view your grades in Brightspace.

Viewing Your Grades

Option 1: The Class Progress Tool

  1. For an in-depth breakdown of your grade, click Grades and Progress in the top navigation menu
  2. Select Class Progress from the drop-down.
  3. Click Grades in the left menu.

Option 2: The Grades Tool

  1. For a simple table view of your grades, click Grades and Progress from the top navigation menu.
  2. Select Grades from the drop-down.

Grade Weighting

The Art of Education University implements weighted grading. Course Assignments are generally worth 80% of your overall grade and Discussion Boards are generally worth 20%. Check your course’s syllabus for its specific weighting system.

Your weighted grade for each assignment and discussion board will appear next to the raw score in Brightspace. The weight of each item will automatically adjust as more coursework is assessed. 

For more information, please watch this short video: